Mulatu Astatke, “Green Africa” MP3

Mulatu Astatke has been enjoying the longest career resurgence we could possibly imagine. It’s to the point that it feels like he was never really out of the public eye. And to an extent he wasn’t, but between soundtracking Broken Flowers, working with The Heliocentrics, and getting his music reissued in multiple forms, we generally got the vibe that it was about time for dude to record a new album. Mulatu Steps Ahead is that album, and “Green Africa” is the single, as much as there even can be a single. It’s a little less brooding than some of our Astatke favorites, but dude is getting older and loosening up, and that’s cool too.

Download: Mulatu Astatke, “Green Africa”

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  1. betelhime says:

    hi mulatu how are you ?i realy like your jazz music very mach Specially the story of ethio jazz 1965-1975 it is so nice to hear it