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Oneupmanship Gets The Shoe Of His Dreams

We took note many months ago when Nicolas at Oneupmanship Journal introduced us to his ideal shoe, the Clarks Oberon. It's a perfect style, all soft leather and elementary school innocence, the kind of sensible shoe that your mom would force you to wear but that would still make you the flyest kid on the playground. Poor Nicolas, though, had to wait. Clarks hadn't reissued the shoe yet, Nicolas didn't have a solid release date, and so the British blogger was left pining for his Oberons, filling up the Oneupmanship Journal with pictures of shoes that he could buy, ones with close resemblances to the Oberon, like the Jacoform. We're happy to report that just a few days ago, Nicolas received his re-issued Oberson and showed them off like a proud peacock. Now we just need a stateside release date.

Oneupmanship Gets The Shoe Of His Dreams