Premiere Album Stream: Serena Maneesh, Abyss in B-Minor

Ever since My Bloody Valentine became the official go-to band for everyone ever to be influenced by, shoegaze got borderline unapproachable. If an entire musical genre is built on subtle guitar textures shifting, then you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to stand out above the reverbed masses. Serena Maneesh adhere closely to MBV’s winning formula: really loud guitars and whispered lyrics (side note: check them looking all serious in that press photo. Music is not a joke, dudes!). But it’s their live show where they really stand out. We recently caught them at the tail end of an exhausting, freezing cold night in Norway and figured out that besides being able to make us feel like we just wandered through a car wash full of hammers, their greatest asset is having the balls to bury pop hooks under all those effects—on first listen you might just assume this is a wildly loud album, but keep going and things get really catchy really fast. Abyss in B-Minor is out March 23rd in the US and March 22nd in the UK (this month!) on 4AD.

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    COOL! I’ve been looking forward to this!

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