Celebrate Spring at the Ivana Helsinki Pop-Up Shop

If the recent bout of warm weather in New York has you itching to get out of the house as much as us, why not pop your head in at 238 Mulberry Street, the site of Paola Suhonen’s month-long pop-up shop. As the designer behind Finnish clothing line IVANAhelsinki and editor-in-chief of the modern erotic magazine Love Contemporary, Suhonen has taken this opportunity to celebrate the full breadth of her talent. The store’s offerings include a wide range of items from IVANAhelsinki’s spring collection, as well as a dazzling array of futuristic-looking “pleasure toys.” Appropriately enough, however, it’s at night that the real fun begins. Every evening after 7PM, the rolling racks are stowed away and the space is transformed into a venue for music, movies, storytelling, arts-and-crafts and photography, hosted by bright young things including Au Revoir Simone’s Erica Forster and singer Alexa Wilding. Although the store closes its doors on March 17th (with an all-day sale), there’s still time to catch a DJ set by jewelry designer Pamela Love while you get your portrait snapped by Skye Parrot. Check out Love Contemporary’s blog for a full listing of events.




Celebrate Spring at the Ivana Helsinki Pop-Up Shop