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Premiere: The Suzan, "Home" MP3


New Friday night getting ready for the party anthem! And hopefully said party will be at The Suzan's house! "Home" is full-on hyperactive bopping around the dancefloor steez, a spunky number propelled by hollow drum rudders and four-girl vocals that veer from pop melody to chanted anthem. It's a little bit Bow Wow Wow, a little bit Lung Leg, but doesn't sound like either—more so they embody the same cool joy as those groups, plus they have a wicked surfy guitar part in this song. The Suzan's next album is produced by Peter Bjorn & John and comes out soon on Fool's Gold, but if you can't wait (we can't) and you're gonna be in Austin, hit up their show at the Fool's Gold showcase this Friday at Malverde. You know when you come back from that fest and everyone is talking about like the same five bands being their fave show ever? Yeah: The Suzan. BOOM.

Download: The Suzan, "Home"

Premiere: The Suzan, "Home" MP3