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Stream: City Center, "Poolside"


We've been following the career arc of City Center for the last year, and we still haven't pinned down their sound. They haven't either, and that's the beauty of their band. City Center songs range from ambient sketches to tight pieces of blown-out fuzz pop. You could probably put 15 of their songs randomly on a playlist and they would barely sound anything alike. "Poolside" is a mix of those diverging directions, vocals and guitars blend and swell in a buzz not far from a constantly humming bee's nest, and throughout their are ambient voices talking and laughing. Get literal and you could say this song is the perfect soundtrack for hanging poolside, but it's a little too fractured and sad for that.

Stream: City Center, "Poolside"

Posted: March 16, 2010
Stream: City Center, "Poolside"