Stylee Fridays: The New Age collection by All for the Mountain

March 19, 2010

We caught our first glimpse of the new All for the Mountain collection last month, at Mara Hoffman's Fashion Week presentation in Nolita. Jewelry designer Carly Margolis and Hoffman have been friends for years, and it's almost as if the pair were psychically connected when they made their fall 2010 collections—her cosmic jewels the perfect foil to Hoffman's kaleidoscopic new prints. Margolis recently formed a band with her boyfriend Matthew Morgan called Living Sacrifice, and the couple performed at the show decked in head-to-toe Hoffman and dripping in new season All for the Mountain.

Her jewelry is always stunning to look at in person, but it's just as exciting to see how Margolis tricks out her lookbooks. Like the first collection, the new pieces were created in a hideaway in upstate New York, and although the pair have since moved back to the city, the inspiration ties into that natural idyl. Titled The New Age, fall 2010 was made in the spirit of woodland hippie dippiness, and all the classic new age chachkis—ying/yang pendants, meteorites—are turned on their head. The idea, Margolis explained, was to have a bit of fun with the campy side of new age iconography, and while she's a self-confessed gatherer of crystals, she doesn't like to take the whole thing too seriously. Hence there are pictures of the designer in tree pose superimposed on soupy psychedelic pastures, a mixture of jewelry, galactic landscapes and hand-holding circles of loveliness.

From The Collection:

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Stylee Fridays: The New Age collection by All for the Mountain