Delorean, “Stay Close” MP3

Photographer Nacho Alegre
March 24, 2010

True Panther should just stop putting out records and hand out actual hugs instead, because everything they've released lately has the kind of positive vibes we haven't experienced since everyone patted us on the back and told us really long stories about aimless backpacking trips at high school graduation. We promptly ignored all those stories and immediately entered the workforce—a choice that we stand by to this day but that Delorean is currently making us feel a little bad about. "Stay Close" is immensely exuberant and can be used to soundtrack your happy moment of choice. It also captures a sound so familiar and straightforward that we never thought to question it before we read this:

Delorean are at the forefront of a burgeoning community of musicians, producers and dj’s who are mining the collective Spanish dance-music heritage of Balearic house and combining it with contemporary independent pop, European techno, shades of the ecstatic Madchester sound and hip hop

How come we didn't move to Barcelona? Either way, Delorean are hitting New York and a somewhat daunting portion of America in the coming weeks, and will release Subiza digitally April 20th (4/20 heyoooo) and physically June 8th.

Download: Delorean, "Stay Close"

Delorean, “Stay Close” MP3