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Golden Girls, "Newports" MP3


Worcester, Massachusetts Scene Report: We have already fallen hard for the songs of DOM, but we didn't realize they also had talented friends in their city like Golden Girls, who emailed us this song at a wee hour yesterday (okay, 5:07 PM) along with a small-town lament: "Trapped in the wormhole, muzac remains our only form of communication with the outside universe." After listening to this raucous track like seven times in a row, we're pretty sure they won't be trapped in the wormhole for long. We spent a lot of our time in Austin last week contemplating the return of the grunge sound (along with actual grunge, see: Hole performance), but none of the bands we saw quite captured the jubilant, scruffy ennui of the best old grunge like "Newports" does. Massive Westerbergian guitar solos, the perfect amount of scratchy in the vocals, plus these dudes look super cool in an all-American miscreant, "let's go draw on concrete at the skatepark" kind of way. If you live in NYC and never have any intention of going to Worcester again in life (sorry dudes), you can buy them and DOM a beer on April 1 at Piano's when they play a live show that we're super looking forward to. April 1 is also the day Golden Girls release their EP, U L T I M A T E F R E E D O M, on Burning Mill Records.

Download: Golden Girls, "Newports"

Golden Girls, "Newports" MP3