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Millionyoung, "Chlorophyl" MP3 + Total Bummer Festival


You know an early spring festival is going to be good when one of the headliners is Jacuzzi Boys, the last band on the bill is Summertrees and in between... Moonbeard! Tunabunny! Vacation Dad! And the festival is called Total Bummer 2010. And it's in the same town where Tim Tebow definitely did not have any illegitimate children with his girlfriend and then made a Super Bowl commercial about it. And it's got a poster of a muscle dude in flip flops riding a pelican riding a surfboard. And as a teaser, they sent over this song by a recent favorite, Millionyoung—it's awesome and he's like 37 bands down the bill. AND they sent an entire compilation of songs from other bands playing. There is actually no feasible way this will suck. Take it to the bank. Check the full flyer after the jump and pick up your tickets here.

Download: Millionyoung, "Chlorophyl"

Millionyoung, "Chlorophyl" MP3 + Total Bummer Festival