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Arp + Anthony Moore, "Spinette" MP3


A few years ago, Alexis Georgopoulos was a member of California percussion ramble band Tussle. Meanwhile, he was also making music alone as Arp, pieces of elongated synthesizer beauty, long builds and washes. Many years before that, Anthony Moore was playing in Slapp Happy, making weird pop with much emphasis on flourish. But he also recorded Pieces from the Cloudland Ballroom, a clear precursor to Arp's emphasis on slow rolled minimalism. It's also a blueprint for what the two, a generation or two apart, as new collaborators, have composed with "Spinette." With a foundation in some of Moore's unreleased pieces from the ’60s, the two met and worked on the new track, which hints at baroque while still staying lovely and organic. It's a simple, piece, speedy piano and electronics with some low melted strings for tiny flair, a new and working definition of modern classical from two guys who were basically punks. The piece comes as part of RVNG's Frkwys series, which pairs younger musicians with those of the preceding generation to create something brand new.

Download: Arp + Anthony Moore, "Spinette"

Arp + Anthony Moore, "Spinette" MP3