E-40, Droop-E and Björk Collaborate and it is Awesome

Björk and the rap industry have crossed paths more than once in the past. Whether it’s working with RZA or taking production from Timbaland—she’s made it pretty clear that she’s open to new shit. Buried midway through the Night Shift half of the massive new E-40 album, Revenue Retrievin, is the Droop-E-produced “Spend the Night.” It’s notable not just for being completely bonkers on an album already full of ridiculous production, but also because Droop drew most of the samples from Medulla, the entirely acapella Bjork album from a couple years back that didn’t quite work as well as we’d hoped. Oh yeah—Bjork also cleared the samples.

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  1. You’re all so fucking cute :)

    I want to make an album with me cooking stir fry to the sound of bjork’s voice… sizzle sizzle… enter the pepper grinder.. crunch crunch…. enter the flip of the veggies in the air…. Kaaswooosh… silence as veggies hang in mid air………….wooosh sizzle sizzle….. this is very interesting….. ahh ahh ahhhh… sizzle sizzle………… LOVE YAZ :)