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Chico Sonido's Tribal Guarachero Mixtape MP3

Tribal's the Mexican microgenre of rattling, cumbia-inflected dance music that emerged a couple years ago from the Distrito Federal. Dutty Artz dudes initially put us on to it in this must-read post, but it's spread far beyond its site-specific beginnings, and LA-based DJ/producer Chico Sonido's excellent Es Musica Tribal! mixtape is good evidence why. As Toy Selectah described in the linked Dutty Artz post, it's essentially Mexico's ghettotech, fusing the syncopated rhythm of the streets with an electric dancefloor hop—total party music. Tracklist after the jump.

[ADDENDUM: See also this post for more tribal tracks and info.]

Download: Chico Sonido, Es Musica Tribal! Mixtape (via Bootlegumachine)

Dj Erick Rincon – Menea la colita
Unknown - Vulem kuneman elektro
Unknown – Es musica Tribal
Dj Fist – El pajaro
Dj Luis Patty – Jump (original mix)
Unknown - Mueve la pompa
Dj Erick Rincon – Dime lo que bailas
Dj Sonic Ft Dj Otto – The moutha (original bimix)
Dj Chiko mix – That’s right
Dj Erick Rincon & Dj Alan Rosales – Extasy
Unknown - Hierba del Diablo
Dj Sobrino – My tribal star
Tatagolosa – Micromania (Dj Mike Alvarado Elektro Tribal)
Dj Mouse – Pompi cadera
Dj Cobra – El dengue

Chico Sonido's Tribal Guarachero Mixtape MP3