Stream: Local Natives Live on KCRW


After returning from SXSW, people ask you, “What did you love?” You’ve seen so many bands and now it was two weeks ago and you go, “I saw Scott Weiland wearing a scarf on a really hot day. That was awesome,” until the back of your brain pushes up a memory from some midday show you’d forgotten you were at and you snap your fingers and go “Local Natives jammed!” Because they did. We’d previously enjoyed the Los Angeles band’s album but it was not until we caught them live that we were convinced. They have tons of energy and are smiley about it, too. They’re super energized—the best parts of indie rock played with jet propulsion. This KCRW set thankfully gives us a high fidelity—and memorable—impression of the group. The songs are quiet here, sure, but they’ve got the same vibrancy that made us stoked to see them play. Also memorable: these animated GIFs of them turning their faces into skulls. Gross, dudes.

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  1. Betsy says:

    Hi there.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out to KCRW and the Local Natives!
    We love them.