Gil Scott-Heron f. Nas, “New York is Killing Me (1200Squad Remix)” MP3


Gil Scott-Heron‘s new album I’m New Here is full of dark and foreboding tales that make his home city sounds like an apocalypse epicenter, but add Nasty Nas to the mix actually talking about the apocalypse and numerology, as is one of his specialties, and you’ve got one of the more epic New York matchups of all time. As you may have guessed, Scott-Heron and Nas’ pops, Olu Dara, are acquainted, so there’s history there, too. Basically, if you’ve never been to the Big Apple and want to know what it feels like to live here on not the best of days, “New York is Killing Me” is all you need.

Download: Gil Scott-Heron f. Nas, “New York is Killing Me (Remix)”

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  2. Buzzter says:

    Thank you Fader, dope remix! One of the tracks on tha album that grew for me the most.



  3. gabriel tolliver says:

    Dope track-needs to be on a movie soundtrack or show soundtrack like “The Wire” when it was on…RIP David Mills….