Blank Dogs, “Heat and Depression” MP3


Blank Dogs‘ progression has been an interesting one, going from a one man band reluctant to play too many live shows, to a fully fleshed out project with other members and a serious stage presence. Main dude/Captured Tracks label head Mike Sniper should not be overlooked as a compelling frontman, even if he might wish otherwise. Whatever the case may be, “Heat and Depression” is a pretty different direction from what has come before, although it’s not surprising considering Sniper’s current tendency to release new italo disco 7-inches and synth-heavy goth pop from bands on his label. The song comes from the new Blank Dogs EP Phrases out now on—surprise!—Captured Tracks.

Download: Blank Dogs, “Heat and Depression”

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  1. bob says:

    dont really like his music but i LOVE that photo