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Stream Male Bonding’s Nothing Hurts LP + “Years Not Long” MP3

April 06, 2010

Venerable independent label Sub Pop has been really good about pre-streaming new albums lately, letting the indienets hear the jams in low bitrate right about when they're thinking about stealing them from a torrent or what have you. Seems like a good strategy, especially when the jams are as good as the ones on Male Bonding's new LP, out May 11th. Nearly one year after Scott Wright rode for them in his Dollars to Pounds column, people of the world will finally know of Male Bonding's gritty awesomeness, and it will inspire them to pour beer on themselves. We are listening to it right now and pouring beer on ourselves just so we can say we live this blog shit. Sidebar: thanks to Male Bonding for filling in last minute at the Levi's® FADER Fort despite not having their gear and strings being broken on guitars. Still jammed. Download and listen below and pre-order at Sub Pop.

Download: Male Bonding, "Year's Not Long"

Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts by subpop

Stream Male Bonding’s Nothing Hurts LP + “Years Not Long” MP3