Mjolk Channels Prince Charlie


Danish deisgner designer Lars Stoten of Mjolk lived in London long enough to become familiar with the blue blood stylings of Prince Charles, and the model in his fall 2010 collection could pass for a baby Charlie. More partial to a Barbour jacket than a pair of skinny jeans, His Majesty’s tastes are probably not forward enough to appreciate the new Mjolk threads—awesome patchwork jackets and two-tone denim shirts—but he actually might be down for a spot of their brand new tweed.

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  1. TB says:

    Are you guys like dry of editorial ideas?? This collection is damn hot and you focus your text on some half-witted connection to prince charles?? are you taking the piss or what? get real Fader!

    PS ‘designer’ is misspelt in first line.

  2. Chioma Nnadi says:

    Nothing but love for Mjolk and Prince Charlie, who incidentally, was a trendsetter when it comes to waxed cotton and all other awesome hunting garb.