The Unknown Hipster is Good for Humanity


Last week, someone sent us a link to the Unknown Hipster, a blog by New York via Paris illustrator and author Jean-Phillipe Delhomme, and for some intangible reason we have not been able to close the tab since. With his latest post, Delhomme takes us on a little internet tour of modern art, recommends the Marina Abramovic show at MoMA and ponders the Hindu belief system, all through a presumably imaginary conversation with a coyote in Central Park. And he posted it with the above illustration. That is real blog value. And he does it without using the word “hipster” as a pejorative which has become about as pointlessly hypocritical as anything we can remember. Maybe that’s because Delhomme is a little bit more mature. Who knows, but it seems like a good thing.

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  1. ghost says:

    and i must ask: what happened to “coolhunting” cornerstone?

    the meanderings of a pre-neo-expressionist artist has “blog value?”
    because he doesn’t say “hipster” in the pejorative?
    and i must ask again: what happened to “coolhunting” cornerstone?
    you’re supposed to be tracking culture not reacting to reactionary critique.
    aren’t we being a wee bit sensitive about four letter words?
    and i must ask once again: what happened to “coolhunting” cornerstone?

    f%ck!n h#pst8r

    tag…you’re it


    p.s. go ask rob what “he” thinks of hipsters. i’m more interested in his opinion than yours.

  2. Hi. We all need to ask one simple question to ourselves: What would I do if I needed to make this decision again? What did I hear? What did I feel? NOT why did he/she talk to me like that? What did I do to deserve this? There is only one way to master our relationships; it is mastering our way of communication style.