Download a Couple Haunted Houses Cassettes


Well, you can’t literally download the cassette, but you get the idea. Neither of these Haunted Houses tapes offer an easy listening experience, vocals are yelped raw and off-key from a million miles away through thrumming guitar static and a constant tape buzz, but the more we listen, the more we’re drawn to the music. We can’t pinpoint what it is, exactly. We can barely understand a single lyric, but there’s a visceral connection kinda like when you watch a David Lynch movie and aren’t entirely sure what’s going on but still emotionally connect with the characters. If any of that or listening to an extremely lo-fi band is your vibe, download The Invisible War of the Mind and their self-titled cassette below.

Download: Haunted Houses, S/T

Download: Haunted Houses, The Invisible War of the Mind

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