Studio Time With Chromeo

They hadn’t even recorded all the vocals yet, but Chromeo cronies Dave and P let us come through the Brooklyn studio where they were working on their forthcoming album, Business Casual. We nerded out over soundproofing, keyboards, the Source rhyme of the month and most importantly, the fact that they have been recording their albums on the same junky toy computer/Cakewalk Pro Audio set-up since like, 1946. Watch the video to see where it all happened, plus get an exclusive first listen at a sample of the magic that is their new work, which we heard some of and is going to be ON OUR iPOD DOCKS ON THE DECK OF A BOAT ALL SUMMER LONG.

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  1. markodude says:

    yo what is that software they’re using? is it an old version of logic or sthing? when it was still made by emagic? help me out!

  2. markodude says:

    mm hm.. i am the retard

  3. SayCheese45 says:

    That’s Cakewalk Pro Audio

  4. JParis says:

    They are using Cakewalk Pro audio 9, I have it but dont use it anymore cause it doesn’t have softsynths and asio drivers.

    In terms of midi is beautiful dou.

  5. talesfromthepunchbowl says:

    @markodude i see a .wrk extension i think. Which means its Cakewalk of some variety, so whatever Cakewalk was producing in 1995 would be your ticket. Although, I have a suspicion they are using one of the coveted emu sound cards with the onboard synthesis and THAT is what is making the OK sounding sounds, not cakewalk itself. Hope that helps.

  6. talesfromthepunchbowl says:

    you can totally hear it running through the neve, god what a nice desk!

  7. amatecha says:

    off topic, but the white background of this site actually makes the video harder to see (since the video image is quite dark). Site would be better off having a black background so that images and videos are easier to see. This is why software like Lightroom and Aperture use a black/gray color scheme.