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Video: Young Jeezy, "Trap Or Die II" The Movie

We don't normally get in the habit of posting album preview videos. Like, who needs a snippet of a song when they can wait a couple days and hear the full version? There is other music out there to hold us over. We're making an exception here though, mostly because every time Young Jeezy gears up to release an album it gets really exciting and often prompts jaw-dropping "I can't believe he just made a song so ridiculously hype that every single person in our office needs to blast it at full volume at all times" moments. This video continues to position Jeezy as a minimalist in the face of his own over-the-top music. Not too much jewelry, stark black and white, no mixtape a month or song a day, just a (hopefully) concise album and an equally good mixtape for us to constantly listen.

Video: Young Jeezy, "Trap Or Die II" The Movie