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Premiere: El Remolon, ZZK Mixtape #9

El Remolon (nee Andrés Schteingart) is one of the scions of Buenos Aires' ZZK scene, where traditional cumbia rhythms are re-envisioned for the digital age, forging new paths for tropical music and helping to ensure the longevity of an important Latin cultural art. On El Remolon's new mixtape, he showcases his strengths: blending baile funk vocals with quirky synth cumbia, transforming loping accordions into futuristic-sounding jeep beats, and making Lady Gaga sound surprisingly un-annoying. Touché, El Remolon. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will soon have a chance to see him when he tours our time zones this summer, along with with a handful of other awesome ZZK artists. Tracklist after the jump and check ZZK's Facebook for tour dates.

Download: El Remolon, ZZK Mixtape #9

1.El Remolón vs Sinead O´Connor - Jah Nuh Dead
2.El Remolón - Mujeres vs Daft Punk
3. Junior Boys vs Ladybox - Tick Tock (El Remolón cumbia mashup)
4.El Remolón feat Fantasma vs Lady Gaga - Love Game
5.Los Pibes Chorros vs El Remolón Jam
6.Un Mono Azul feat Lido Pimienta - Ninfa de la mar (El Remolón mix)
7.El Remolón feat Fantasma - Liga del Sabor Digital
8.Ghislain Poirier feat Boogat - Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolón Remix)
9.El Remolón feat Marina vs Sokio - Vem Que Tem (edit)
10.Los Pericos - Me Late (El Remolón Remix)
11.El Remolón vs Dante - Listo Pa Gozar el Mostro
12.El Remolón feat Boogat - Estilo Acapulco
13.Bomba Stereo - Fuego (El Remolón Remix)
14.El Remolón vs Maluca - El Tigeraso (Cumbiastep Mix)
15.l Remolón feat Lido Pimienta - Basta Ya (Dubstep Mix)

Premiere: El Remolon, ZZK Mixtape #9