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Stream: Delorean's Album Subiza


You may have noticed that down below our posts we use a standard set of genre tags, so that you can easily find like-minded stuffs to continue your musical journey. Someone like Flying Lotus gets "electronic/dance," while someone like Blonde Redhead gets "rock." Pretty simple, right? Until groups like Delorean come along and end up straddling a couple of these lines. Were you only to hear Delorean's album Subiza without knowing they were a complete live band, you'd be remiss to think this was the homemade electronic project of one extremely nimble musician. But no, these Spaniards are indeed a full blown group, replicating their oceanic dance tracks live as a full rock outfit. They do quite ably, too. Subiza, a compliment to their ecstatic shows, is out now digitally with a full physical release in June.

Stream: Delorean, Subiza

Stream: Delorean's Album Subiza