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Stream: Flying Lotus' Album Cosmogramma


It took us a minute to really gel with what Flying Lotus was doing, but now that we're there with him, we're really there with him. Cosmogramma is what we hoped his previous record, Los Angeles, would be. Diversions into wild free jazz, a Thom Yorke appearance that doesn't go, Hey look THOM YORKE is on this record! And instead uses his voice as just another texture in an album that is built on subtle textural shifts and moments of beauty hidden in massive swells of bass. Because we're in New York, we'll probably be forced to listen to most of the record on headphones, but if you're anywhere with a car—or just a baller in the city who happens to have one and also have a good stereo system, take this album for a spin on an evening drive when it comes out May 4th.

Stream: Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma (via P4K)

Stream: Flying Lotus' Album Cosmogramma