Theophilus London, I Want You Mixtape


One of the reasons we’re sure Theophilus London will be able to make himself a star is that he’s willing to lay in the cut and let the music speak for itself. He doesn’t feel the need to punch us in the face with verse after verse because it is all about unity with the music. Mainly though, this mixtape is another installment in his quest to prove that rappers simply rapping over whatever they feel like doesn’t have to feel contrived or forced. Plus, he covers (with minor changes) Tweet’s “Oops,” which is a great song.

Download: Theophilus London, I Want You

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  1. Paul says:

    Dope dope tape, as usual…love that “Life of a Lover” track produced by theClubHouse…

    when’s the proper LP comin thru?

  2. Derek S. says:

    how can they even say hosted by when they upload it on fucking send space.

  3. Let's be real says:

    This is the best I’ve heard. I use to hate this kid

  4. eddddd says:

    this guy is a total douche but he dresses well and flying overseas is pretty amazing

  5. Kaila says:

    links are dead now, greatt “/

  6. B Rocka says:

    Love the mixtape! He’s always been a great artist! And definetly love and respect Jesse Boykins III KILLING basically every single track he’s on on this mixtape. Can’t wait for his album to drop also. Theo + Jesse = killer music ombo!!