Mystikal and Fiend, “I’ont Like You” MP3


New song by Mystikal and Fiend: also known as two dudes teaming up to yell and growl a bunch. No but really, in no small part to producer KLC, this sounds like Vintage Mystikal: tense horns and the kind of rapping that seems like it had to have come from somewhere deeply disturbed and inspired. It also features Mystikal dealing directly with his prison stint, which apparently involved a significant amount of biscuits and milk.

Download: Mystikal and Fiend, “I’ont Like You” (via DGB)

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  1., not dot com

  2. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    Sorry about that, all fixed.

  3. all good, thanks for all the link backs in the past

  4. Rob says:

    Lupe just dropped a dope ass video and you’re posting about Mystikal. you guys fell off.

  5. TI$A says:

    They would rather post Wocka Flocka and Mystikal to be ironic instead of playing the role of being a serious magazine anymore… can we say FADED…