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Premiere: A-Trak, "Trizzy Turnt Up" MP3


The verses on Roscoe Dash and Soulja Boy's "All the Way Turnt Up" always sound too cheeky for its abyss-level production depth. The track is an ecstatic depiction of under-25s acting like maniacs, buying Louis Vuitton toothbrushes just to unload their GOBS OF MONEY, and deserves a beat that reflects its carefree ridiculosity. A-Trak gets it: in his rework of "Turnt Up," from the forthcoming Dirty South Dance 2, he lightens the mood with bloopy techno, gilded synths and what sounds like Gregorian robots chanting (from Claude von Stroke's "Vocal Chords"), mutating the original's implied nihilism into a happy fantasia of dancing (and shopping). Soulja Boy started his career with a dance, anyway. If you're nice, perhaps A-Trak talk to you about this track at FADER Bowl next Tuesday, where the Brothers Macklovitch will be thoroughly Macklovitching out.

Download: A-Trak, "Trizzy Turnt Up"

Premiere: A-Trak, "Trizzy Turnt Up" MP3