DJ Big Ryde Presents Best of Giggs 3 Mixtape


This is a 72-track mixtape from the UK’s most interesting non-grime rapper, and not one of the songs is tagged. Giggs, we realize you signed your contract with XL in human aorta (your cover art told us so) but can we get a break please? At least put your name in the “artist” field in iTunes. Because of this insane oversight, we’re gonna assume the order of this tape doesn’t matter, so here are the first verses from a random sampling of three: Track 53: Lethal Weapon like Gibson and Dan Glover/ Think you’re that gutta?/ Let my strap uh-uh/ Shoot-outs, man down, little fat fucka. Track 30: Niggas say I don’t speak I just mumble/ I don’t need to speak teeth, got a gun-full. Track 8: My swagger’s insane. Okay! Now if you haven’t yet heard Giggs, imagine someone rapping those lyrics so baritone they sound screwed-down, and so thick they sound crammed with marbles. This dude is nasty, ID3 tags or no. His full length, Let Em Ave It, is out June 21.

Download: DJ Big Ryde Presents Best of Giggs 3 Mixtape (via Semtex)

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