Yeasayer Backstage Interview in San Francisco

On Saturday night, the people of San Francisco were forced to use Twitter for more than just banal one-liners about what they were eating. Microsoft hosted secret shows with N.E.R.D. and Yeasayer to celebrate the launch of their new mobile device, KIN, and the only place to find any info about the locations and times was via Twitter. Info on the events had been slowly leaking throughout the week, but the venue weren’t announced until three hours before the show. In a matter of minutes (first person showed up at 4.15pm!), tweets about the location had spread like wildfire, and the line to enter the Longshoreman’s Hall, an old stone temple of a venue that used to house Grateful Dead concerts and Ken Kesey’s Acid Tests, was down the block, wrapping around Beach Street and swelling with each new tweet.

Right before Yeasayer’s set, illuminated, of course, by the bright cell phone screens of people Tweeting and Twitpic’ing the show, we chatted with the band about their recent FADER cover story, their insane new music video, and more. Check out video footage from the show after the jump.

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  1. Maurice says:

    Hearing them speak is very insightful. They ramble with the same incoherence and insecurity that their music projects. It’s a ploy. By using the umbrella of “psychedelia” they are able to make contrived, half conceived, and over stimulating music and play it off as it if is well conceived. If they could write better songs, than they would. They have nothing to say. They’re is nothing honest about this band. They just meet the “cool” criteria for someone as obtuse as Solange Knowles. With due respect Fader you know better.

  2. kurt says:

    With due respect Maurice what are you talking about. They are just musicians that play music. Take it easy.

  3. Maurice says:

    Kurt, appreciate the input and yes i agree, they are musicians that play music. I am strictly judging them as artists, as any avid music listener and lover should do. When you see a Thomas Kinkade you don”t say “take it easy that’s just a painter painting.” You say ” what an incredible misuse of human creativity, this is truly a trite work. He’s lucky that tourists exist.” Yeasayer is lucky that stolid listeners are prevalent in the blogosphere. But who loses? everyone. They are enabled and will continue making trite music because very few can hear through it. The listener suffers because they will have to continue to listen to rusted root in electronic form. Fader we can do better. Please a moratorium on Yeasayer and Girls. You are worth more and so are your readers.