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Dead Gaze, "This Big World" MP3

photographer Joey Miller

If you are in a lo-fi band putting your songs into the vast ether of the internet, you probably know that it is really, really hard to stand out. There are like a million of you dudes floating around! That said, Dead Gaze, the project of Mississippi-based R. Cole Furlow, stands out far enough that we're kicking ourselves for sleeping on him even the tiniest bit. "This Big World" is one of many blown out but catchy highlights from the guy's small back catalog. It's anthemic and it uses all that scuzz and murk to its advantage, Furlow's voice straining to push through the extra noise. Basically what we are saying is that this shit is jam city and very much worth your time, even if you've written off any band that sounds like they recorded their music at the bottom of a bucket filled with swamp water.

Download: Dead Gaze, "This Big World"

Dead Gaze, "This Big World" MP3