Premiere: Supra1 f. Amy Douglas, “Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 RMX)” MP3


FADER fave L-Vis 1990 imbued Polish DJ/producer duo Supra1 with a little of his signature low-end punch, tethering their outre diva space-house single to a clamoring funky fencepost. It’s both an entirely different song and a match made in heaven, two visionary takes on the myriad exciting ways bass music is evolving right now—simultaneously more experimental and dancefloor-friendlier. Stream the original “Still Believe” on Supra1′s MySpace for now, and in a couple weeks cop the entire EP with more remixes, including Gucci Vump and Brackles, out May 31 on the brilliantly indefatigable Trouble & Bass (Heavy Bass Champions of the World).

Download: Supra 1 f. Amy Douglas, “Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 RMX)”

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow. With such talent in a remixer such as L-Vis, one expects much more than the typical build and emphatic synthesized breakdown. Typical sounds and direction…come on guys. I find myself enjoying some of the funkier house that self-proclaimed producers from London and around are putting forth…this one definitely not. No soul, just a regurgitated track for the blogs.

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  3. Nedders says:

    i checked out this remix and the Brackles one….gotta say I’m feelin the Brackles one more. Removing the vocal, makes this harder to follow and it makes for music that seems like it has no direction, The vocal supplies something you can land on. Love L-Vis for real, but I agree with Matt. This isn’t his best work. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the mixes when the EP drops though.

  4. azxtlx says:

    way above average for the genre, actually…thanks and best wishes to all involved