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Yo La Tengo, "Here to Fall" (Pete Rock Remix) MP3


Remember when Matador dipped their toes into hip-hop waters briefly? They almost signed Non Phixion, worked with The Arsonists, Mr. Len and more. Backpack rap! It wasn't that it was a bad idea, it just never really seemed to work how they planned. We say all this to bring up the point that Yo La Tengo getting a weeded remix by Pete Rock for "Here to Fall" is not actually that weird, and is actually more notable for the way he takes Ira Kaplan's vocals and turns them into a thin, haunting blip of a chorus amid the rubbery bass and spacey plings.

Download: Yo La Tengo, "Here to Fall" (Pete Rock Remix)(via MBV)

Yo La Tengo, "Here to Fall" (Pete Rock Remix) MP3