Baron Von Fancy and His Collection of Fancy Pants


The first time we heard the name Baron Von Fancy was via our dear friend Mister Mort, who’d collaborated with BVF on an incredible pair of suspenders—although truth be told, we assumed that the Baron was a Mort alter-ego, and not an actual factual person. Mister Mort recently posted pictures of Fancy and his fantastic archive of Versace denim, and naturally the Baron lives up to his sartorially supreme moniker. Covered in lady bugs, forget-me-nots and butterflies, his collection (mostly women’s wear) is literally an inspiration to all print aficionados, especially those partial to a spot of gaudy Italian sportswear (cf Moschino, Iceberg) from the ’90s. Animal lovers will particularly appreciate the cat pants after the jump, complete with a strategically placed basket of kittens. Also Donatella should probably make a print of the Baron’s adorable dog, Metal, pictured by his side.

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