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Drake f. Jay-Z, "Light Up" MP3


Listening to this new leak from Drake's Thank Me Later with Jay going off on another megabillionaire spree (and Evil Empire calling us pussies? throwback to 5th grade!) and Drizzy doing his thing as usual, we had a vision of a time not far from now. That vision contained LeBron James and Dwayne Wade destroying the NBA from two sides of the East River. Maybe they'll ride the Q train to and from each other's games. Maybe they'll ride diamond-encrusted chariots and joust on the Brooklyn Bridge. Maybe Bloomberg will let Jay and Prokhorov (Hov and Rov?) float the Barclays Center in the middle of the East River and fans will have to stage dramatic action sequences to get to it reverse The Rock steez. The Roc! Which rapper would rep the Knicks and battle Jay? Sauce Money? What the fuck is going on you guys? Is NY on the verge of a golden era? This album's gonna be good huh. Drake's still Canadian.

Download: Drake f. Jay-Z, "Light Up"

Drake f. Jay-Z, "Light Up" MP3