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Premiere: Matt Shadetek, "Funny Cats" MP3


Matt Shadetek has never been confined by style. Though certainly comfortable in the reggae and dub-heavy lane, experimenting with sparse Brooklyn-diaspora bass licks, he likes to stay on his toes. Case in point: his next album Flowers, out June 8 on his own co-op label Dutty Artz, branches off into a world that's distinctly more garage, and at times he lets the mid-range synth swipes overtake the bass entirely. He also seems to be having quite a bit of fun with some older sounding video-gamey keyboards, a couple tracks invoking the playful arpeggios and subtle sonic jokes of Zelda, whether consciously or not. "Funny Cats" hits the median on that grid—serious, verging-on-funky, and with a melody you can tell he relished making.

Download: Matt Shadetek, "Funny Cats"

Premiere: Matt Shadetek, "Funny Cats" MP3