Eric Copeland of Black Dice, “Fun Dink Death” MP3

June 03, 2010

In our Animal Collective guest edited issue of FADER, Panda Bear interviewed Eric Copeland about making and listening to music. Eric gave a small treatise on how he creates:

The vein I exist in is something more unclear, where I'm dealing with a little invented environment, and many of those ideas about music that people love are not dealt with directly. It's still a jam for me, but it's being held together by something else. And not everybody cares about this. So to recognize their needs would be in opposition to where I'm going. I appreciate what they want and sometimes I want the same things. I listen to popular radio! But there's no way I can compete.

"Fun Dink Death," from his new "Doo Doo Run" 7-inch on PPM, is his attempting to suture his demented music world with that of a more ever present bubblegum. And, surprisingly, it's so catchy! But it also sounds like it's melting.

Download: Eric Copeland, "Fun Dink Death" (via 20jfg)

Eric Copeland of Black Dice, “Fun Dink Death” MP3