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Video: Rick Ross, "Just Saying" Remix / Gunplay "Heavy"

Rick Ross is experiencing something of a hot streak right now. We're sure that he's been drinking some sort of magical hip-hop juice (maybe Ciroc?) that makes him sound like his favorite thing ever to do in the entire world is rap. On his new mixtape he manages to walk the line between songs that portray him as a wizened older dude over thick soul samples as well as songs that use "Hustlin" as a blueprint for talking about piles of money, piles of drugs and then also more piles of money. "Just Saying" finds him in a more introspective mode—driving around with a camera right up in his face. Then BAM we're ambushed by Gunplay doing his best to keep up with Gucci's still bonkers "Heavy." He doesn't match Gucci's weirdness or skill, but makes up for it in sheer, horrifying, crazy-eyed tenacity. Although if we had to ask for just one of the next wave of Miami rappers to get more support, we'd kindly ask Gunplay to take a break and let Desloc Piccalo shine. We can only dream.

Video: Rick Ross, "Just Saying" Remix / Gunplay "Heavy"