Dominique Young Unique, Domination Mixtape


Listening to Dominique Young Unique, 18-year-old rapper from Tampa Bay, feels like watching gymnastics—the elasticity and energy of her voice flips circles like crazy tricks on the uneven bars. And, having now consumed our first diet Red Bull of the day, we’re convinced this mixtape embodies the very essence of our brains: uninhibited, bleeding sass and operating at 180 mph.

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  1. jh PDX says:

    This music is crap. From wack beats to WACK lyrics, who posts a girls jam like this on Fader? This aint no where near like Trina. Get a beat and a rhyme on the dime. Try myspace.. that’s where poo belongs. Yuck

  2. raw dog says:

    na her jams are pretty fun tho, glad to see the dirty projectors are bringing her to the aladdin in september.

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  4. MnstaMash says:

    Amazing.. Beats are sick, delivery is flawless…fck the haters

  5. Jon C says:

    Can’t stop listening, check blaster!!! She is going to be massive

  6. KidMr. says:

    Dope! =) I’m really feeling “Music For Millions.” LOL THAT PRODUCTION ALONE does it for me. Blaster and Hot Girl are great too. I love her flow.