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Stream: Kwes, "No Need to Run"

Apparently, besides working with Micachu and a whollllllle lot of other people, Kwes produced music for The XX early in the game, but none of it has been heard. Of course, we know the story by now: The XX worked with multiple producers but weren't entirely happy with the results so they went off on their own and made a ridiculously awesome record anyway. "No Need to Run" is a good window into what Kwes may have brought to the project, without making us bummed that we will probably never hear those songs. Instead, it's a hyperactive but still soothing space jam that sounds like a Pure Moods compilation came to life, did a bunch of drugs, pushed Enya around a bit and then stole a rocket ship and blasted off into space. Kwes' No Need to Run EP is out soon on Young Turks.

Kwes / No Need to Run by Young Turks

Stream: Kwes, "No Need to Run"