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On The Street: Bonnaroo

June 11, 2010

Every church has its priests, and in Bonnaroo's case, the clergymen are the number of ladies and gentlemen covered in tie-dye from head to toe and sitting in booths selling lemonade and funnel cake for four dollars. They keep the ship steady and sober, always available to ask for directions and sell you more beer, bright calm glow sticks in the middle of the mud-packed alternate universe. The kid pictured is like the number one altar boy at the church of Bonnaroo. We found him working at a booth with his mom and little brother, selling T-shirts with pictures of old dead rock stars and remaining calm as Bonnarooers leaped and twirled all around him. He's a bit young to lead the flock, but with a color sense like this, we see big things for him in his future.

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On The Street
On The Street: Bonnaroo