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Blonde Redhead, "Here Sometimes" MP3

Last week we caught one of the members of Blonde Redhead wandering around the Pantha Du Prince show at Santos post NBA finals. Pantha is a one man electronic project, heavy on bells and emotion. Blonde Redhead is a rock trio. But the bleed is more than you'd think, and the Redheads are inching even further in the direction of digital bliss on "Here Sometimes," the opening track from their upcoming Penny Sparkle. The opening moments that lay the song's foundation are a hand drum loop, soon touched up by a digital snare and a mechanical steam sound. We get some lush keyboard and Kazu Makino's dream weaving vocal. "Here Sometimes," with a bigger beat and a smart remix, could kill on a certain type of dancefloor. As is, it'll probably kill in a rock club. But it's the crossover that's most interesting.

Blonde Redhead, "Here Sometimes" MP3