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Forest Swords, "Rattling Cage" MP3


Forest Swords' submerged dub continually proves Liverpool's most famous band hasn't influenced all of its denizens—we're pretty sure Lennon liked to smoke a J every now and again, but there's no way he was ever as irie as Forest Swords. Sound-wise, anyway. The "Rattling Cage" apparently refers to the tom-hit every eight bars, a bit of ghost percussion that clamors through a mournful-sounding vocal sample and kinda freaky tubular bells. Wonder if Forest Swords is the kind of dude who has Nova on DVD and keeps a tarantula as a pet? Either way, his music is from another dimension where the Jamaican sun never rises and creepy sand elves play tiny steel drums under haunted palm trees all summer long.

Download: Forest Swords, "Rattling Cage" (via GvsB)

Forest Swords, "Rattling Cage" MP3