Videos: Tonetta 777, “$Viral$,” “Drugs Drugs Drugs” and “Metal Man”

Tonetta 777‘s music is the result of feeling free, wanting to jam and eating a fuckload of drugs. It would be one thing if he was just a 50-year-old Canadian dude in a leather speedo with a stocking mask dancing to “Billie Jean,” but it’s another because he is gyrating to his own pre-recorded jams that are totally fucking sweet. Like a gay father to Ariel Pink, Tonetta plays rainbow pop with pawn shop solos and a lovable husk. He also has lyrics like She said she forgot to pee/ He said he forgot to shit/ Open to the public/ No one gives a fuck anymore and He works out three nights a week yet acts like a little puppy/ I’d name him ginger but that’s been taken/ Deep inside this guy’s bacon/ He’s a fucking powerhouse. “$Viral$” is an epic jam, super heavy drums and a little disco funk lick and vocals that sound like they were recoded on a 2-track in a trash can. “Drugs Drugs Drugs” has the worst recording quality of all his music which is too bad because the solos are great. Dude can play. This is kind of his mission statement: drugs. Literally one of the lyrics is Drugs drugs drugs/ Give ’em all to me. “Metal Man” is the cleanest track and the tambourine is kicking and it sounds like a love song. Tonetta 777 has apparently been recording since 1983 and the wonderful folks at Black Tent have compiled a bunch of tracks into an LP limited to 500. We already ordered one. They’ve got an MP3 of “Drugs Drugs Drugs” up on their site and Weird Canada has got a rundown and two other tracks. If you are feeling this, your day is over because all you’re gonna do is jam sick YouTubes. Music is the healing force of the universe! Cannot begrudge a man on a mission.

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  1. Bobby says:

    I love this guy, he’s like a cross between Iggy Pop and ‘Buffalo Bill’ from The Silence of the Lambs.

    The album versions all have better recording, Drugs Drugs Drugs sounds way, way better.

  2. chubbyjones says:

    Bobby I thought the SAME thing! Totally silence of the lambs (actually I just put that in a comment on one of his other videos on YouTube). Thanks for posting, I will now be totally unproductive for the remainder of my week.

  3. EL NOU MON says:


    also kind of scary.

  4. harrison says:

    Dude, when quoting $Viral$, you messed up the best line. It’s “Open to the public/PISS AND SHIT/ no one gives a fuck anymore”

  5. Weird Canada says:



    Aaron Levin
    Weird Canada / Cantor Records /

  6. newworld02 says:

    his mission statement also includes COCK and GREAT BIG ASS as well as drugs; also social commentary (sometimes social sometimes political)

    TONETTAs music is pure in soul; young at heart & ready to mate