The Way Things Work: Drake’s Thank Me Later Thank Yous


There are way too many people listed in Drake’s liner notes. With this week’s The Way Things Work, we set out to answer the question, “Who the fuck is y’all?”

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  1. Paul wall says:

    I worked on drakes knee.. Not old am I the most awesome white rapper ever I am also a practicing orthopedic surgeon.

  2. Drake is not officially Platinum status but he’s almost there with selling an estimated 846,082

  3. Gracelovesjadedstar says:

    just a fan, who’s loved and respected every rapper from Shady, to JayZ to the one who is Weezy but aint asmatic (lol) but i’ve never been moved to the point of wanting to right to as much as Drizzy….(ps, that was MY nickname fo you come thru…..nyigga lol)……ok to be real, dont really know what I’m on about, hoping the right people see this……esp you……for spirit reasons ahahahhahaha (Drizzy SA)

  4. Nicki Minaj says:

    Nicki Minaj’s latest track Right Thru Me really is a tremendous blessing! The chorus is great and she shows that she is still lyrical in the verses.