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Premiere: CFCF, "Come Closer (Nacho Lovers RMX)" MP3


If Montreal-based producer CFCF's making some kind of nationalistic statement with Drifts, it's that Canada is riddled with producer talent, even though apparently the total population in the territories numbers just "seven," according to our Montrealer roommate last night. Dude's just-released remix EP features producers from his home country only, ranging from true blue house (Toronto's Azari & III) to chillier reclining-chair rhythms (Guelph's Memoryhouse). On Nacho Lovers' remix of "Come Closer," the T-Dot natives smoothed out the original's jauntier bits with a house glimmer, and mixed his vocals to sound far lustier—as if to prove the rumors that Montreal is the most debauched Canadian city are true.

Download: CFCF, "Come Closer (Nacho Lovers RMX)"

Premiere: CFCF, "Come Closer (Nacho Lovers RMX)" MP3