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Drums of Death, "Lonely Days" and "Dub" MP3s

"Dub" proves Scottish producer Drums of Death is way more ADD than we thought: he starts out with a band of rave-cheerleaders shouting on escalating synths, tires of them, then ropes in a bass pulse, transitions into a light tech-house interlude, does a Bmore club-referencing beat and circles back around to the beginning. No wonder dude thinks he's a zombie—he's tripping balls off his own uncorked flow of ideas. Somebody check the bread in his fridge for ergot? The propulsive bass pulse of "Lonely Days" further proves that point: he's singing painfully about the gradual draining of his soul: You give it out! You give it out! 'Til there's none of you left!. Good times! Enjoy these and other optimistic, life-affirming dance tracks on his forthcoming album, titled Generation Hexed.

Download: Drums of Death, "Lonely Days and "Dub" (email sign-up required) (via Fact)

Drums of Death, "Lonely Days" and "Dub" MP3s