Rick Ross f. Kanye West, “Live Fast, Die Young” and “Fire Hazard” Video

And the hits just keep coming! Rick Ross and Kanye link up because they are two of the only rappers people still care about and it totally works. Chorus could go though—but whatever. What is up with Ross’ hot streak these days? Everything he touches has been great. That goes for “Fire Hazard” as well. It’s essentially an unofficial “Hustlin” pt. 2, but the video doesn’t reflect that, instead opting for more budget footage of Ross driving around in a car. It’s an internet video for a song from a free EP, so it could have been a stick figure drawing of Ross in light pencil on a piece of lined paper that Diddy was shaking up and down and we’d be happy. Actually dudes, you should do that. That’s a free idea from us to you.

Download: Rick Ross f. Kanye West, “Live Fast, Die Young”

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  1. moneybanks says:

    One of the most ignorant posts I’ve ever seen.
    You shouldn’t be writing.

  2. Jules says:

    @moneybanks – you’re so right! The write up is completely off. Don’t get people who know nothing about rap writing about rap! Jheez.

  3. yiliette says:

    i love this song . its so inspiring <3


  4. Offsafety says:

    I don’t even comment on streaming mp3′s but I have to agree with moneybanks. Writer shouldn’t be writing.