Coming Soon: FANIA x The FADER Remix Series


Awesome news: the legendary Latin label Fania—original home of timeless greats like Johnny Pacheco, Willie Colón, Hector Lavoe, La Lupe, and Celia Cruz—has teamed up with The FADER to curate a series of next-level new remixes, introducing Fania’s extensive back catalog to a new, global audience. Once a month over the next year, we’ll drop a new remix of a classic song on 7-inch vinyl. We’ll bundle them quarterly on a vinyl and digital EP, and in 2011 all twelve will be compiled on a full album, available on vinyl, CD and digitally. We’re extremely excited to be partnered up with this incredible label and just as psyched for our first remix, out next month: Willie Colón’s “Aguanile” reworked into a dramatic, swampy cumbia by one of our favorite producer/DJs, Mexico’s Toy Selectah. Look out for more remixes from Isa GT and Bomba Estereo, and stay tuned for announcements on future producers very soon!

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  1. Mr M says:

    I have been a lover of Latin Music and specially salsa for a very long time. Fania records and the artists mentioned are my idols… their music does not need a translation so i dont understand how you intent to rip this beautiful music apart from its core and soul and turn it into “An introduction….. to a Global Audience” WTF???? WTF????
    How do you intend on taking one of the best Salsa songs ever made, one with elements of afro-cuban beats, orishas chanting and all the other musical components and turn them into a cumbia??? A CUMBIA…… a cumbia?? this is a salsa song not a cumbia song….. its been proven in the past that when you remix a salsa song in any form be this electronic or not, it always comes out like poooo…. you cant get better than aguanile leave it like it is and start remixing other forms of music and leave salsa as it is…. the true global sound of the world. No other music mixes so many different continents, history or cultures together than salsa… dont try to simplify it just cos you cant understand it or cant dance it….. This is not awesome news this is very sad news indeed… the day our latino brothers sell out the magic of salsa to appeal to a global market…. you are quiet silly nothing gets more global than salsa….your problem is that its not cool enough you think you can make it cool by having a boring cumbia beat…. NOT COOL or GLOBAL CALLING AT ALL. Highly dissapointed not with Fader but with Fania for selling out….

  2. fania lover says:

    Chill Out.
    te fact that young new artists are gonna remix the fania is very interesting and will make new audiences be interested in researching the amazing catalogue of La Fania.

    Typical close minded person. people like you are the ones that don´t bring new ideas to the world.

    We are not selling anything. Wait, listen and then start hating!

  3. Chilaxing says:

    Mr M, chill man!
    i like the idea of the remixer, not too sure about To Selectah, i think he is overrated and he has never produced a classic and all his tunes sound boringly the same… but the idea of having Hector Lavoe in a Dub Step remix…fucking awesome!
    I agree with Fania Lover, listen before u start hating man, and Cumbia is far more popular than Salsa in Latin America. They make Cumbia in every single country, from Argentina to Mexico and even north of the border. ..and Cumbia has been always part of the repertoire of great salsa artists artists. In Fact la Murga has has more to do with Cumbia than Salsa
    You sound like a nostalgic-guayabera wearing-whatever city style you live in-salsa teacher. I can picture you dancing salsa to some American R&B songs…i have seen your type around!
    Well done Fader, can wait to get my hands on the mixes!!!

  4. Mr M says:

    I am a guayabera wearing nostalgic latin music lover! that was spot on…. and yeah i do teach salsa lool but no i dont dance salsa to american RnB but i know the kind you are talking about. In fact my dance lessons are all about feeling the beat of the music, and i even go to the extent of teaching about the music and specially the bands that made salsa so popular. Fania is one that gets mentioned all the time because of the purity in their music.

    I have not heard the material so yeah am wrong to critisize or even sound like am hating but i played alongside toy selectah at lovebox last year and heard one of my parents all time favourite cumbia songs get torn to pieces in a mix by toy selectah and just wondered how wrong aguanile might sound to that cumbia….
    In reponse to Fania Lover….typical close minded person? dudeeee I’ve been djing in london for over a decade now… probably one of the first djs to play reggaeton in a salsa club, pushed it alongside the biggest reggaeton promotion team in London, held my own party mixin salsa, reggaeton and funky house in a boat on the thames…. Have been at the forefront of introducing bachata music, of teaching it in various other European cities…. am probably one of the very few Latin Music DJs to play genuine latin music weekly to over 400 people and one which includes bashment, and Latin house in some of his sets…. am all up for new ideas…. but how is this new? cumbia has been here for agesssssss and Fania since the late 60′s and 70′s and they still get played in every single latin music dance floor around the world.
    Played Fania music in Hong Kong, Egypt, Israel, all over Europe and even in Pakistan… every one loved it just like it is.
    I may sound like am hating, but salsa and fania music make up a large part of my life which i feel passionate about and i guess i thought i had the right to voice my true honest opinion about this up and coming compilation, Which am definately gonna buy……and will be paying close attention to any incidents of musical murder….Whatever comes out of this compilation i guess we’ll just have to be proud that a new audience will definately get to hear Fania music!

    BTW – Didnt know about this magazine before, but wow…. it looks really sharp and am starting to like it a lot…. i’ve spend the past 2 hours checking the different material….Very Nice Fader!

  5. felipe says:

    yo im from Puerto Rico and i dont see wats wrong with remixing classic legends from Fania.
    Its an awsome idea what i see kind of lame is wich artist are gonna remix these classics
    for a start i agree with chillaxin toy selectah is not a fresh producer.
    i hope fader picks some good producers to remix them.. cant wait to listen

  6. D says:

    YO! this is not a cumbia. If you have so much experience in the latin game, why would u call this cumbia? Jus cus TOY? Learn your riddems partner!
    If you read what he says he took the original elements and only added one kick n snr.. seems fair to me for the purists. This remix is genuine. And definately not a cumbia. Would u have rather it sound like Tumba La Casa from Illegales or whatever? jeez, chill bro…..