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Faris Elmasu's Bike Basket Is Bent Out Of Shape


Transportation is one of the vital parts of New York City culture. Anyone who lives here without a car can atest to struggling with their groceries, take-out, packages—or even just getting a pack of beer from point A to point B. Faris Elmasu has found a solution: a bendy baskety thingy. The Bent Basket, as it's formally known, is a curvy wooden basket with four intersecting nylon bands that will hold pretty much anything in place. This basket easily sits on the front of your bike and holds laptops, books and any other weird item that needs to be schlepped across the city. If more designers thought like Faris, commuting in style wouldn't be such a hassle. One more image after the jump.

Posted: July 09, 2010
Faris Elmasu's Bike Basket Is Bent Out Of Shape